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Rowing is not only a great physical activity that works all major muscles, it is also a team sport whose values lead to a great social environment. Rowers come in all sizes and ages. The master rowing community is a large and thriving group of professionals who enjoy the mental and physical benefits of a team oriented sport. This community is not limited to former youth rowers as more and more adults who were never involved in rowing learn the art.

Jacksonville Rowing Club provides for a great master environment for returning rowers and newcomers alike. Rowers from their 30s to 50s to 70s and beyond find rowing to be a challenged sport that pushes their physical limits and provides for a great outdoor venue to enjoy our beautiful rivers.

Whether you are a returning rower or a newcomer, rowing is for you at any stage of your life. The art of rowing is ageless!

Membership in the Jacksonville Rowing Club is open to anyone and everyone. There are no restrictions. All you need is what the present members already have .... an interest in rowing.

Some prospects for membership make the common mistake that you must know how to row in order to join. Absolutely not! We will teach you how.

At the present time, the cost of membership is $375 per year, with an additional first-year equipment fee of $50. This is payable in one lump sum.  However, if this should cause a financial hardship, a payment plan may be approved.  Reductions are given for more than one family member.  Annual membership dues are payable as of August 1st.  New members joining in July and August are deemed to have joined as of August 1st; new members joining in other months will have their first year's dues prorated.

Your dues entitle you to: 

  • Use of club equipment for which you have been approved to row,
  • Access to coaching,
  • Access to the Members portion of the club's web site,
  • Club functions and social gatherings, 
  • Indoor rowing equipment, subject to certain restrictions, and 
  • Rowing with others in boats for multiple rowers.

Membership in the Jacksonville Rowing Club is extremely diverse. Our members have various backgrounds brought together by a common interest. Membership is well split between male and female. You may find people in their early 20's, but we also have members in their 70's.

 Contact Us to learn more. We are looking forward to meeting you.

If you are ready to join, please download the JRC Membership application, which can be found at the top of the right hand panel on this page, and follow the instructions.

From The Bridge III from Michael Tetrick on Vimeo.