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The Club requires that its members adhere to the followingpolicy when any of the Club’s equipment becomes damaged, i.e., it no longerfunctions as originally intended.


When any Club member (Masters or Youth) observes damagedequipment, they should take the following actions:

  • Attach a Do Not Row tag to the equipment.
  • Masters members should notify the Boathouse Steward, currently, Mark Frampton (FramptonMark@comcast.net) as soon as practical, stating what equipment was observed to be damaged and, if known, how it happened. 
  • Youth members should notify their Coach, who, in turn, should notify the Boathouse Steward with the information set out above.


Upon receiving notice of any damaged equipment, theBoathouse Steward shall:

  • Determine the most efficient way to get the damaged equipment repaired.
  • Estimate the cost of the proposed repair.
    • If the estimated cost is greater than $250, notify the Board members, via email, with a recommendation regarding whether an insurance claim might be filed.
    • If the estimated cost is less than $250 (and within the approved maintenance budget), proceed with the repair process. These items shall be reported to the Board at its next scheduled meeting.
  • Send an email to all on the Damaged Equipment Distribution List, as maintained on the Club’s Web site, advising them of the equipment that is now out of service and an estimate of how long the repair process is expected to take.


When the repair is completed, the Boathouse Steward shallsend an email to all on the Damaged Equipment Distribution List advising themthat the equipment is now back in service.


Damage to the Club’s equipment due to normal usage, e.g.,worn oar locks and oar handles, oars broken while pulling during a normalstroke, etc., will be repaired at the Club’s expense.  All other damage to the Club’s equipment dueto accident, abuse or negligence will be repaired at the cost of theresponsible Club member(s) up to a limit of $250 per incident, the deductibleamount for the Club’s property insurance coverage. 


Any dispute as to whether the damage was due to normal usageversus accident, abuse or negligence will be determined by the Club’s Board ofDirectors (excluding any Board member who may be involved in suchdispute).  The Club’s Treasurer, in thecase of Master rowers, and the Club’s Youth Director, in the case of Youthmembers, will be responsible for billing and collecting all damaged equipmentfees owed by members.