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Rowing...and swimming:


Learning to scull...How hard can it be?



Learning to sweep...That has to be easier



What can go wrong when you are leading at the Collegiate Championships



Let's check those angles at the catch



Why they say to "not look outside the boat."



Why they say to hold onto your oar handle



Ready...and shove off!



This race has been abandoned! Stop Racing!






A better system than using stakeboats?


Rowing Crashes:


Why coxswains should listen to the race officials



Why, in a Head Race, you need to yield to the faster boat



Why steering really matters in a Head Race



Why the far arch at Eliot Bridge is not recommended



Why the far arch at Eliot Bridge is better that the abutment



Why coxswains are given a rudder



Why you shouldn't try to outrun a barge




Sometimes it looks so graceful; sometimes not so much



Those long van rides to the boathouse



Rowing in Jacksonville before global warming



Pretty neat, but will it make the turn between the bridges




Innovative shell design



Harry Parker: Why We Row