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The first 12 pictures were taken at the race site for the FISA Masters World Championship in Poznan, Poland.  The last 6 pictures were taken from my visit at Rowing Club PTW (Poznan Rowing Society) Tryton, where world champion, Julia Michalski, is from.  A couple of months before the races, I dropped Julia an e-mail asking if she would row a double with me during my visit.  At the time, she was at training camp getting ready for the World Championship in Bled, Slovenia.  I was very happy with her response, "If my training schedule allows, why not."  So, on Monday, Sep. 12, we met at PTW Tryton, and rowed 20k on the Warta River, which was my main training route by end of 1960s.  Julia won the Junior World Championship in the single in Athens, August 2003, the Under 23 World Champion in the single in Hazewinkel, Belgium, July 2006, and the World Cup Championship in the double with Magdalena Fularczyk (Tryton) in Munich, Germany, June 2009.  Considering the above, I was impressed with her meticulous care of the equipment after we finished our training.  Every wheel of each seat was scrubbed and washed to look like a new one.

-Andrzej Ratajczyk