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On Sunday, July 25th, 15 intrepid rowers left the comfort of air conditioning and their beds to compete in the 1st Annual JRC Pie Race, a Head Race style competition in the pursuit of pies and glory. From the assembled pool of eager rowers, boat captains were initially chosen by drawing names from a hat. The boat captains then filled their boats by taking turns choosing their rowers until all of the available seats were filled. That system then lead to the launching of a coxed four, a quad, and three doubles powered by the following rowers:
Four:  cox- Susan Fraser, S-Don Baxter, 3-Kip Stem, 2-Stacey Rayburg, B-Rafael Milanes
Quad:  S-Paulo Lorenzo, 3-Farin Wilson, 2-Nicole Andress, B-Eva Stone
Double:  S-Steve Squires, B-Glenn Shapanka
Double:  S-visiting Canadian rower, Lachlan Mackenzie, B-Jim “Got Steering?” Kolb
Double:  S-Mark Frampton, B-Janet Frampton
Unfortunately, Alan Hahn and Marley Brown were both haunted by their childhood memories of not being picked in the “schoolyard selection process” and were forced to observe the race from a launch.
The crews all tried to mesh their diverse rowing styles as they warmed up on their way to the race’s starting line near the Arlington Marina. Marley marshaled the boats to enter the race course in approximately 30 second intervals. The rowers streaked off past Matthews Bridge along a serpentine course ending just short of the Atlantic Bridge. A number of boats were observed to have rowed a more serpentine course that required, but that lead to a more competitive finish and some minor brushes with bridge pilings and mud flats.
With all of the boats safely across the finish line, Alan Hahn feverishly computed the results (Alan gets a fever every time he has to do math). In the end, the raw power of the Four, aided by the fact that they had someone who actually was trying to steer, proved too much for their competitors.  The Don Baxter stroked boat set the course record for this storied regatta in a time of 22:42 (Who knows… There may have even been an outgoing tide). In second place, with a time of 23:04 was the dynamic duo of Squires and Shapanka. With a time of 24:12, the third place boat was the quad stroked by the loquacious Paulo Lorenzo. Rounding out the field was Jim Kolb and his Canadian import (that’s his boat mate, not his beer!) in a time of 24:45, who finished four seconds ahead of the Framptons. But, as the more politically correct would say, “There were no losers.” 
After the race, all of the participants returned to the enclosure to recount their experience (and misadventures) while enjoying the nutritional benefits of three pies. A tradition has been born!