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JRC requires all rowers and guests who use the JRC facilities to accept the USRowing Waiver (rowers and guests who are under age 18, must have the Waiver accepted by their parent or legal guardian). 

If you currently are a USRowing member (membership runs for 365 days from the date it was last initiated), please click here to open another window to begin the process to accept the USRowing Waiver. On that page, under Individuals, click Members and then you will be asked for your USRowing Membership Number and your account's password (the default password is your home address zip code, but there is also a Forgot Password button to retrieve and reset your password).  Before you are presented with the waiver to accept, you may be asked a few rowing-related questions.  Don't panic if you don't know the answers, just guess.  After you have accepted the waiver, please ensure that Jacksonville Rowing Club is specified under My Organizations before you close the application.

If you are not currently a USRowing member, you will first need to become a member.  A comparison of the membership options can be found here.  If you or your under age 18 child plan to compete at a USRowing hosted regatta (SE Regionals or Nationals) during 2018, you will need to become a Championship Member even if you purchased a Basic Membership earlier in 2018. To start the process, click here to open another window, then under Individuals, click Join and complete the form, including selecting Jacksonville Rowing Club as the Team Name.  When you are prompted for the JRC Club Code, enter DRARF.  If you are accepting the waiver on behalf of your child under the age of 18, you should enter your child's name and birth date when filling out the data screens. To access a How To video, click here.